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We will provide an atmosphere characteristic to folklore in your event and make it special and unforgettable!

We provide programmes of different length, themes and nature for adult and children audiences. We offer performances on the stage, performances with audience participation or simply friendly singing, playing, and dancing together.

The experienced dancers and group of musicians from folk dance group “Dandari” of the UL have conducted numerous concerts, presentations of traditional culture, educational and entertaining events all over Latvia and far beyond its borders and will be happy to also share their experience with You.

Each season has its characteristic traditions, songs, and games. There’s the time of harvest and when souls of the dead roam the earth, the traditions of mask processions in autumn and winter, swinging and greeting the sun in Easter and the most important festival of the year – Midsummer solstice when the nation celebrates all night, helping the world to start a new life cycle.

During the time when peace falls over nature and we are slowly getting ready for Winter solstice we will visit you as maskers (budēļi) and with the help of masked Latvian mythical characters we will play out the traditional activities of the festival in a joyful atmosphere.

We also offer sports activities in the spirit of folk traditions – relay races, tests of skill and mind. It can be a great addition to Your event!

If You want to feel the spirit of real Latvian festivals, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Sincerely, „Dandari”!


Inga Holsta

+371 28 326 840


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